Heed well the voice of your heart.

自分らしい空間であることが “ホッ”として心休まる場所。




  • Rental Space

    à ta façon Material Studio.

    All space are here, all time is now.


  • About SUMIYOS

    SUMIYOS is exactly Sumiyo herself.

    The S at the end was added to mean “things that belong to Sumiyo”, or “the style portrayed by Sumiyo”.

    It also stands for its plural form to mean that it includes many different things from clothing to eating to living.

    SUMIYOS lifetstyle is to “live” in your own way; dress yourself up, eat what you like, and spend time within a comfortable space.

  • SUMIYOS Message

    To discover and know the nature of mankind (i.e. yourself) through the process of creating something and its source of imagination.

    To learn and change every day by aiming at creating products of high quality and refined taste.

    To keep believing in your own principle.

    To live every day in your own way, knowing that the trivial things felt in everyday life will lead to important ones in the future